70s Catalog Covers

Posted by Tonybeuche on Mar 1, 2012 10:25:09 AM

Here are some more catalog covers from The Archives. These are a bit more of an eclectic group of catalogs from the 70s. I love all the different artistic directions taken with this set.


1977It's pretty interesting to look at the progression throughout the decade. They seem to get more and more psychedelic throughout the years as experimental visual styles from the sixties become more and more accepted. The 1971 cover (top left) just kind of hints at some of those influences with the radiating aura around a washfountain.

From there, they just seem to get more and more free-form. Perspectives start to shift and skew. Backgrounds fade in and out and start to overlap one another. By the end of the decade, it seems like just about anything goes and we're in some kind of movie montage about someone growing in a world where Bradley products provide a dependable structure that always supports them throughout their whole life. It's really kind of a beautiful idea when you think about it.

I'll just leave you with this last one:


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