Washfountain Bowls Material Series – Bradstone

Posted by Tony Beuche on Oct 4, 2012 3:32:13 AM

This is the final post in our 4 part series on our Washfountain bowl materials. Each Friday throughout September we featured a particular material and explaining what makes it special and why you might choose it over other available options.

Week 4: Bradstone

Bradstone WashfountainBradstone is a thermo set plastic formed under heat and pressure. It is stain resistant, but the finish will be damaged by abrasive cleansers and, once damaged, the finish cannot be restored. Bradstone is also very chemical resistant and will not be damaged by acid chemicals or chloride compounds. After many years of abuse the bowl may get scratched and stained, but it’s not uncommon to see forty-year old Bradstone bowls still in service. Because it’s light weight and low in cost, Bradstone works well for retrofit applications in manufacturing and repair facilities.

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