Best washfountains for schools

Posted by Jonathon on Jan 14, 2013 2:55:53 AM

What are the best washfountains for schools?

web_restroom_WF_accents Terreon Multi-fount

The Terreon® Multi-Founts™ are better suited to the school restroom environment than any other washroom fixture. They are easy to maintain, reliable, extremely vandal resistant, and they look good too. There are other fixtures that are suitable for school restrooms, but they don’t fit as well, or as universally, as the Terreon Multi-founts.

Terreon and TerreonRE® (25% pre-consumer recycled material and bio-based resin) are stain, scratch, impact resistant and both have GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification and GREENGUARD Children & Schools TM Certification from the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. The integral bowl and sprayhead are easy to clean because there are no seams to trap dirt and debris. The 24v infrared provides the most reliable infrared control in the plumbing industry. Infrared sensors work by emitting invisible infrared light at a certain frequency and completing the circuit when that light is reflected back to the sensor at the same frequency. There are two reasons the infrared controls in the Multi-Founts are so reliable. First the emitter and sensor are aimed down into the bowl so they are not affected by other infrared sources in the room and will not sense objects outside the bowl area. Second the emitter and sensor are more than an inch apart, further apart than they are on any competitor’s fixture, so the activation area is more precise since the sensor only detects the presence of the user’s hands where it crosses the path of the infrared light being emitted.

The Terreon Multi-Founts are extremely vandal resistant. There are only three exposed fasteners and they require a hex key. The tough Terreon material and reliable infrared activation also discourage vandalism. Reliable fixtures are less likely to suffer from vandalism. Scratches and stains that don’t wash off with standard commercial or household cleaners can be removed with mild abrasives and the original finish can be restored with a maroon Scotch-Brite® pad. The Lexan widows for the infrared sensors are less than ¼” in diameter making them nearly impossible to break and they screw into the back side of the sprayhead so they cannot be removed from the front of the fixture.

The Multi-Founts are available in twenty-nine Terreon and TerreonRE colors to fit any restroom design. There are eleven standard colors, with ten designer colors and eight TerreonRE colors available for a small up charge. The Terreon Multi-Founts are available in two, three, or four station models and require less wall space than a comparable number of conventional lavatories. Wall mounted versions of the three and four station models are available to make floor cleaning easier.

For their aesthetics, safety, reliability, durability, vandal resistance, and color selection the Terreon Multi-Fount are simply best hand washing fixtures available for schools.

Author: Arnie Wilke, Sr. Product Applications Manager, Bradley Corporation

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