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Posted by Jonathon on Feb 7, 2013 2:19:52 AM

washfountain_applications Bradley Classic Washfountains: Terreon Classic, Stainless Steel, Terreon TDB

With so many options for hand washing fixtures you have to think about the application. Every day, I get calls from architects and engineers asking for help in deciding what washfountain to use for their project. My first question to them is always, “Where is the product going to be used, and what is the application?” Very often they haven’t really thought about the application. Factors like appearance, space available, ADA compliance, and water conservation are given more consideration than how the fixture will be used. While these other factors are important, the product specified has to consider the user.

WF Handwashing Industrial 3 Terreon Classic

Classic washfountains are designed for heavy-duty hand and arm washing. The deep bowl, full spray ring, and lower bowl rim make it easy to wash up past your elbows while keeping the wash water contained in the bowl. If ADA compliance is required, the Terreon Deep Bowl provides the full spray ring with a bowl and pedestal designed for easy access by a wheel chair user.

The Sentry washfountains are designed for lighter duty hand washing, water and energy conservation, and ADA compliance. The .5 GPM individually controlled spray nozzles reduce water use when just hand washing is required but, while there is enough user space for occasional arm washing, the time required to clean up defeats the purpose of the lower flow rates and frustrates the user.

Author: Arnie Wilke, Sr. Product Applications Manager, Bradley Corporation

Bradley Washfountain Revit Family Models

The Bradley Revit Family Library features 35 washfountain Revit family models.

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