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Posted by Jonathon on Feb 15, 2013 5:47:31 AM

How important is your employees' safety?

Each year, many injuries occur in the workplace. According to the Center of Disease Control and Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 3.9 million workers had an occupational injury or illness in 2010. In the same year, just over 100,000 workers were hospitalized for their injuries. Not only can these injuries have a negative effect on workers' lives, it can also have a lasting effect on the company and surrounding community.

How can Bradley's Enclosed Safety Showers help?

Bradley's Enclosed Safety Showers offer a safety solution for a variety of different environments. Capable of withstanding seismic activity, hurricane-force winds, and highly-corrosive environments, these showers deliver the ultimate protection. No matter what unique environmental conditions exist, Bradley will configure an indoor or outdoor model to suit the application.

Enclosed Safety Shower Enclosed Safety Shower

ANSI Z358.1 requires that safety systems with multiple drenching platforms be capable of simultaneous activation while delivering tepid water for a duration of 15 minutes.

For technical information about Bradley's Enclosed Safety Showers and all other Bradley Emergency Fixtures, see bradleycorp.com.

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