Where in the World is Bradley: O'Hare International Airport

Posted by kendallthompson922 on Jun 28, 2013 2:40:01 AM


Located in Chicago, O'Hare International Airport started off as Orchard Field in 1945 but was named O'Hare in 1949 in memory of Lt. Cmdr. Edward H. "Butch" O'Hare, a Medal of Honor recipient from Chicago who passed away serving in WWII. In 1955, O'Hare opened its gates to commercial traffic. From that moment, O'Hare boomed. Today, O'Hare International Airport intercepts nearly 76 million travelers each year. In 2012, O'Hare was honored with the Global Traveler Award for the Best Airport in North America for the 13th year in a row.

With so many people passing through the airport each day, amenities, such as the bathrooms, take a toll. O'Hare works hard to keep the airport modern while also leading the way in Green initiatives. So, when O'Hare was looking to update their restroom facilities, they turned to Bradley Corporation. O'Hare's goal in renovation was to make the restrooms easier to maintain while better serving users' needs. Cracked china sinks were replaced with the Frequency Lavatory Systems and other outdated fixtures were replaced with new Bradley washroom accessories. With the lower level sink the Frequency Lavatory System is ADA and TAS compliant. Raymond Campbell, plumbing foreman for O'Hare stated "These lavatories are much easier to install than a bank of individual china sinks, and Bradley provided helpful solutions along the way. Customers have given us a lot of positive feedback about the new look of the restrooms with these lavatories. They're easy to use and give the restroom a completely different look."


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