Another 5 Reasons you need Verge with WashBar for your Restroom:

Posted by Steve Thielke on Mar 20, 2017 10:00:00 AM


Reason #1 – Finally a high tech hand washing experience for non-techies.

The all-in-one WashBar makes ordinary hand washing an extraordinary high-tech experience. Your clientele will be impressed with the WashBar’s features that make hand washing a breeze. LED lighting on the WashBar changes from blue to green – along with easy to read icons on top of the bar, which visually guides users through the hand washing process.

Reason #2 - You can finally stop spending money on paper towels that clog the sinks and over flow from the waste receptacles.

We all know that paper is bad for the environment – and for sink drains. It’s also bad for cash flow. Facilities that use the Verge with WashBar can save 96% compared with using paper towels. That’s a lot of green.

Reason #3 – You can finally take a break from filling and maintaining your soap dispensers.

Since Verge with WashBar is designed with a one-gallon soap container, you’ll have more time between refills. Plus, the low level LED light indicator let’s you know when it needs to be changed. All you need to do is swap out the used container with a new one. No messy soap tank refills and no chance of contamination. Fewer refills = less maintenance time and less expense.

Reason #4 - You can finally provide a “smart” high end hand dryer.

The dryer on the WashBar has a heated air stream to provide fast, comfortable hand drying. With smart technology programmed into the unit, there are no annoying accidental dryer activations while the water is running. Plus, the dryer and basin are engineered to work together so the water stays in the bowl where it belongs. You can also adjust the dryer speed to fit your facility’s needs. Now that’s smart!

Reason #5 – You can finally have a restroom that has everything you, your customers and your facility managers need.

The inclusive all-in-one WashBar benefits everyone in your facility. Win-win-win. Easy to use, easy to clean, attractive, accessible, comfortable and safe. What’s not to love?


Clean. Rinse. Dry. All you need in one WashBar.


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