Design on Demand Makes "The Impossible" Possible

Posted by Steve Thielke on Jun 14, 2018, 9:00:00 AM

If you manage systems for providing safety showers, tepid water and liquid processing, you know that each facility has its own unique requirements. You also know that plumbing needs are not one-size-fits-all.

Chances are you’ve encountered special requests, unusual conditions and demanding requirements that can really get in the way of getting the job done.

What can you do when a job seems unrealistic, unviable and downright impossible?

Bradley’s Design On Demand® (DOD) can work through the most perplexing and unfeasible plumbing problems.

What exactly is Design on Demand (DOD)?

Bradley’s exclusive Design on Demand program offers customized services and product solutions that are ideal for large or small industrial applications. These solutions cover the most demanding environments and conditions. By combining in-house engineering, system design consultation and individualized services, the Design on Demand service team works closely with customers.

In all, Bradley’s goal is to provide custom – and exceptional – safety, tepid water, and liquid processing solutions designed to meet the unique needs and goals of your facility.

What kinds of products are used in DOD solutions?

Bradley offers a comprehensive selection of efficient and reliable industrial plumbing products for tempering water and liquid processing. These products can be bundled or pre-assembled to meet specialized application requirements. Bradley’s Emergency Safety Fixtures include:  Halo™ technology, Enclosed Safety Showers, Keltech® Electric Tankless Water Heaters and Navigator® Thermostatic Mixing Valves.

Bradley designed these innovative products with state-of-the-art technology to withstand the most challenging industrial situations. Watch our Industrial Products Video to learn more.

What types of industries are a good fit for DOD?

DOD is ideal for a range of industries and applications, and features emergency shower or combination shower/eyewash systems; hazardous chemical environments; power plants; manufacturing environments; waste water treatment plants; mining; and process heating.

What are some examples of Bradley’s DOD applications?

  • For example, to heat water for an oil refinery, our DOD experts designed a skid system with six Keltech CNA-SKIDs with CNA & CNAR back-to-back units.

Keltech DOD Skid System

  • For a manufacturing plant, a unique skid system was created to supply heated water at the required temperature, volume and flow for concurrently running safety showers, whenever needed.

Navigator Skid System

  • Another DOD solution developed for an industrial/chemical company, involved Bradley’s Enclosed Safety Showers. These specially designed showers were piped together around the company’s facility to ensure tempered water is supplied where it’s needed.

Enclosed Safety Shower

Contact Bradley to learn how Design on Demand’s best-in-industry products and services can address the most difficult and complex applications.

For more information on Bradley’s Design on Demand program, visit:


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