Fine-tuning Summerfest's Restrooms

Posted by Steve Thielke on Jun 20, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Womens Restroom Summerfest Grounds

When people think of Summerfest, images of music, Milwaukee, crowds and beer often come to mind. And with good reason.  Summerfest attracts nearly 1 million spectators each year from Milwaukee and around the world. Many of whom love listening to live music – and drinking beer. While Summerfest’s music stages are clearly the venue’s top attractions, its restrooms also draw many repeat visitors.

So when the Summerfest grounds underwent a $34 million facility renovation in 2011 and 2012 to improve traffic flow and enhance user experience, the architectural team agreed the restrooms deserved top billing.

As Robert J. Gosse, AIA, Summerfest’s Director of Design and Construction, said: “Restrooms are a direct reflection on any establishment, whether it’s a fancy restaurant or music festival. Our goal was to raise the level of design in our restrooms a few notches to heighten our patrons’ overall experience.”

The architectural team furnished restrooms throughout the Summerfest grounds with a variety of Bradley washroom fixtures, however, as Gosse explains, it was Bradley’s Verge hand washing fixtures that really stood out.

“Of all the restroom fixtures we’ve used, Verge is my hands-down favorite,” Gosse says. “The elegant look and unique trough-like shape convey a very modern, trendy and appropriate aesthetic. There’s no question that its clean and refined style helped us meet our goal to elevate the appearance of the restrooms.”

Summerfest Restroom 1.jpg

Beyond aesthetics, he says the durability and low-maintenance features of the Verge make it an ideal choice for this high-traffic venue, which must endure frequent usage, vandalism attempts and frequent cleanings.

In 2017, Summerfest’s ongoing renovations featured the addition of Bradley’s new Verge® with WashBar™ clean+rinse+dry technology in one of its VIP areas. Its modern all-in-one design enhances the restroom’s aesthetic while its cohesive design opens up wall and room space. The WashBar eliminates the countertop clutter of 3 separate components and paper towel mess.

If the Verge gets rave reviews at the “World’s Largest Music Festival,” imagine how it can elevate your restroom’s aesthetic, functionality and cleanliness. Check out how the Verge can transform your restroom or contact Bradley for more information.


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