How Evero Helps You Create Inspired Hand Washing Designs Out of this World

Posted by Steve Thielke on Mar 26, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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What if hand washing fixture designs could be derived from stunning intercontinental landscapes?  Envision the majestic mountains of Nepal, the deserts of Africa or the islands of Greece.

These natural elements were Bradley’s inspiration for creating Evero Natural Quartz – a resilient and sustainable material for hand washing systems. Evero’s brilliant color selections and attractive forms add luminous and sophisticated backdrops to commercial hand washing designs. Attractive and accessible designs that will tap your clients’ love of nature.

Evero’s backstory

Evero is the first and only quartz material that is cast into round and curved shapes with no fabrication or seams. Evero is notorious for its graceful curves, distinctive shapes, gorgeous color palette and effortless beauty. It is also known for its smooth, non-porous surface, as well as being free of caulk lines and seams that can harbor dirt and bacteria. Evero is also heat and stain resistant, and very easy to clean and maintain.

All of Evero’s outstanding product qualities make Evero the perfect long-lasting material used in Bradley’s popular – and growing – line of Verge® Wash Basins. Using cast-formed Evero – with one-piece construction – Verge basins are artistically sculpted, elongated sinks in these designer-inspired shapes:


Verge with WashBar Lavatory System Verge_LVLD1.jpg LVS1.jpg
Verge with WashBar Verge LVL-Series Verge LVS-Series
Verge_LVRD1.jpg Verge_LVGD1.jpg LVAD1.jpg
Verge LVR-Series Verge LVG-Series Verge LVA-Series


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Colors of nature

Evero’s broad color palette emanates from land and sea forms. With names like Sierra Madre, Mojave, Black Sea and Akoya, you get the sense of the material’s connection to the earth and sea. The Evero Geo Series, including 15 colors, blends the beauty of quartz with the durability of granite, with accents of exotic materials and semi-precious stones. The Evero Pearl Series, known for its luminosity, combines quartz, opalescent sea shells and recycled glass, comes in two color selections.

Underscoring its link to nature, Evero is GREENGUARD-certified material containing up to 70 percent recycled content. A 15-year warranty underscores Evero’s long-lasting durability.

Learn more about the story and inspirations behind Bradley’s exclusive Evero natural quartz surface in its newly published brochure.

Where will Evero take your next design?  Nature is calling….

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