Play Around with Washroom Spaces Using Bradley's Virtual Design Tool

Posted by Steve Thielke on Dec 5, 2017 9:00:00 AM


So you’re in the process of putting together a design for your restroom. With all the selections and choices available for materials, fixtures, colors, styles and configurations, where do you start? Where can you turn for design inspiration?

More and more, architects and designers are seeking out websites that offer relevant and cutting edge design resources. Plus, specifiers are looking for inspiration that matches their design intent. In fact, many prefer to work independently and conduct significant research online prior to selection. Then there’s the part about selling owners on the product and design. Sound familiar?

This is where Bradley’s new virtual design tool comes into play. This interactive tool helps you plan and visualize restroom designs incorporating Bradley’s hand washing fixtures, partitions and accessory products in a multitude of environments and configurations. This visual tool also makes it a snap to describe design elements to clients and owners.

Ready, set, play!

Bradley’s virtual design tool allows you to toggle through a variety of sinks, materials, colors, partitions and accessories. You might say the tool lets you “play” and “try on” different configurations – while offering a little design inspiration in the process.

Choose among four commercial environments in which you can play around with Bradley products:

Within each room you have the ability to adjust wall coverings, tiles, paint and flooring. Choose from a variety of popular Bradley restroom products in an array of colors and finishes.

After selecting the layout, design and products reflecting your vision, simply download the room scene, which includes a description of Bradley products, and share it with clients. The new tool also includes close-up 360 degree spins of each product to really hone in on product visualization. 

Come and visit Bradley’s virtual design playground to open the door to countless restroom design possibilities!

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