Restroom Confidential (Part 2) - 5 More things we do - and wish businesses would do - in public restrooms

Posted by Steve Thielke on Aug 8, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Bradley’s annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey illuminates how Americans think and operate in commercial restrooms… and how they wish companies would do a better job at maintaining their restrooms.

#1 Where do you choose to saddle up?

While one-third of us doesn’t have a preference for which restroom stall they use, another third favors using the last stall. Which room is least preferred? The first stall – preferred by only 19%.

#2 ‘Tis the season for hand washing

Nothing like a pesky flu bug to motivate us to wash hands. 70% admit to washing our hands more frequently – or more thoroughly – in response to flu virus outbreaks. 


#3 Just keep it clean.

Far and away, the improvement most Americans (63%) would most like to see in public restrooms is a higher level of cleanliness and better stocking of supplies. Looks like a little more elbow grease and supplies can go along way!

#4 Bad restroom reflections.

An unclean restroom squashes a business’ image. Most Americans say that a messy restroom signifies poor management and shows the business doesn’t care about its appearance or its customers.

Perception of Unclean Restroom_2017.jpg

#5 Punitive action for messy restrooms.

In fact, we take direct action against a company that provides an unpleasant restroom experience. 60% of adults age 55 and older say they’re unlikely to return if a business has an unsavory restroom. Those who are younger (age 18-34) are more likely to express their frustration by telling a friend or posting a comment on social media.



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