Site Surveys: Your Safety Net for Emergency Preparedness

Posted by Steve Thielke on Oct 24, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Calling all safety and facility managers:  You are not alone in your quest to provide a safe and compliant worksite for your employees. Bradley Corp., offers complimentary safety shower and eyewash system site surveys to ensure your facility’s safety showers and eyewash equipment are in:

  • Proper locations
  • Tip-top shape
  • Compliance with ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 guidelines and/or designated corporate goals or best safety practices

Whether you’re planning to double check your safety plan – or expand, relocate or modify work processes – Bradley safety professionals are ready to assist you in keeping your operations ready for emergencies and compliant with standards. Word to the wise:  The cost of non-compliance not only puts employees at risk of eye, face or bodily injury, it also can rack up stiff penalties and fines by the Occupational Safety & Health Association (OSHA), which have increased a whopping 80 percent since 2016.

You can depend on Bradley’s factory-trained field specialists to ensure compliance with thorough and informative site surveys that are both free and confidential. For more than 10 years, facilities throughout U.S. and Canada have looked to Bradley Corp.’s safety professionals to help keep their operations compliant. In fact, Bradley conducts over 1,000 on-site surveys per year with customers and non-customers alike.

Here’s how Bradley’s site surveys will help your facility:

  • Develop plant or multi-plant safety programs and processes
  • Lead interactive on-site walk-throughs to identify compliance suggestions and solutions
  • Conduct hands-on inspection and training
  • Provide materials such as inspection reports, customized checklists, reference materials, measuring tools and other resources
  • Create a comprehensive training guide to manage equipment installations during the year

Safety Site Survey

Contact Bradley today to establish your safety net. For more information, or to schedule a free site survey with Bradley, visit

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