The State of Public Handwashing in America... More By the Numbers

Posted by Steve Thielke on May 9, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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The State of Public Hand Washing in America… More By the Numbers

 The results are in from Bradley Corp.’s latest annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey. Bradley looked at everything from American’s hand washing beliefs and behaviors to public restroom likes and dislikes… and everything in between.  

Which numbers surprise you most?


Percentage of Americans who will stop patronizing a business – or think twice about it – after experiencing an unpleasant restroom at the establishment.


Adults under the age of 35 wash their hands after using a public restroom less frequently than those who are older.


The restroom stall that is least preferred to use (the last stall is preferred by most).


Absence of soap or paper towels is the main reason people don’t wash their hands before leaving a public restroom.


Ages of people who are “extremely likely” to believe a dirty restroom in a restaurant indicates a dirty kitchen – almost half of this age group believe this to be true.


Number of Americans who report having an unpleasant experience in a restroom due to the condition of the facility.


Top three frustrations in restrooms: 1) Toilet Paper Dispenser Empty or Jammed;

2) Toilet Clogged or Not Flushed; 3) Partition Doors Don’t Latch.


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