Top 5 reasons you need Verge with WashBar for your restroom

Posted by Steve Thielke on Feb 20, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Verge with WashBar Technology Sink System


Reason #1 - You can finally get rid of all the clutter on top of your sink.

We’ve all seen washroom sinks with a hodgepodge of various faucet handles, soap dispensers, etc. These jumbled parts are not exactly easy on the eyes – nor easy to keep clean and maintained. The “all-in-one” Verge with WashBar is a sleek, attractive and intuitive fixture that singlehandedly replaces all of those varied components.


Reason #2 - You can finally tell your facility manager they no longer have to scrub the grout around the hand dryer on the wall.

You know those water splashes and drips that build up around hand dryers? After awhile, they inevitably collect dirt and grime. Yuck. The WashBar’s dryer keeps all the water in the sink where it belongs.


Reason #3 - You can finally get rid of the mismatched accessories taking up wall space.

Sometimes the placement of soap and towel dispensers in restrooms comes off looking like afterthoughts. Too often soap dispensers are out of reach and towel dryers and dispensers are too far away from the sink. The WashBar keeps everything together so all you have to move is your hands from left to right to complete the washing process.


Reason #4 - You can finally get rid of the 'Caution: Wet Floor' signs since people won't be walking around the restroom with wet hands and water won't be dribbling out the bottom of the hand dryers.

That’s another big restroom frustration. Walking across a wet floor. It’s not only gross, it makes for seriously slippery walk. No one wants to make body contact with a germy restroom floor.


Reason #5 – You can finally provide an elegant washroom fixture for customers with mobility challenges.

At last:  an ADA-compliant fixture with a high aesthetic that allows the user to stay in one place to complete the hand washing process. Washroom accessibility and simplicity at its finest.


Clean. Rinse. Dry. All you need in one WashBar.

 WashBar Technology Closeup


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