Surround Yourself with Great People

Posted by Steve Thielke on Jul 28, 2016 12:37:30 PM

Bryan Mullett is president and chief executive officer of Menomonee Falls-based Bradley Corp., a manufacturer of commercial washroom and safety products. Creating a family culture is as important as other benefits of investing in people, he says.

“As I reflect on Bradley Corp.’s 95 years as a family-owned business, there’s a common thread that tightly weaves all of our years together: our employees. Every employee is a family member.

“My philosophy on creating a family atmosphere stems from hiring good people and then trusting them to execute. It’s nearly impossible to successfully lead a company on your own, regardless of IQ or age. A company with the best products, services or technology will not thrive if its employees are disengaged from the mission, vision and values of the leadership. It’s essential to enlist smart, committed problem solvers who share the company’s vision and then trust them to do their jobs.

“The three key ingredients to look for in employees are: personality/character; strengths appropriate for the position; and culture fit. Nothing outweighs personality. While having the right skillset is important, the fact is skills can be acquired but personalities cannot.

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