Why Washroom Accessories Must Be Durable for All Sizes

Posted by Steve Thielke on Apr 26, 2018, 9:00:00 AM

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When it comes to commercial building products, one size doesn’t always fit all.

Remember the fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears? This may have been our first lesson on the value of providing comfortable products for built environments. You know the classic story – first written in 1837 by Robert Southey – which follows Goldilocks’ adventure as she enters the three bears’ home in the forest while they were away. She sits in all of their chairs, eats their porridge and lays in each of their beds. It didn’t take long before Goldilocks decided the tiny bear’s chair, porridge, and bed felt “just right” (much to the bears’ dismayed discovery of her presence in their house!).

It’s no fairy tale that we all have a basic human need for built products that provide comfort, durability, stability, safety and accessibility – no matter the person’s size. That universal design theory applies to home environments, as well as public spaces like restrooms.

Building products for people of size is a need that impacts every state in the U.S. Over one-third of Americans are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). While all states had more than 20% of adults with obesity in 2016, the South had the highest prevalence of obesity (32.0%), followed by the Midwest (31.4%), the Northeast (26.9%), and the West (26.0%).

There is undoubtedly a market need to provide quality restroom spaces furnished with washroom accessory products that accommodate people of all sizes. The higher the weight capacity, the greater the durability, the more peace of mind. 

While there is no official national rating standard by a third-party organization for products that support larger individuals, Bradley Corp. has addressed this building need for end-users, and now offers its grab bars and shower seats at higher load ratings. In fact, these products now meet or exceed competitive ratings. For example, Bradley has re-rated its grab bar models at 900, 1,000 and 1,250 pounds. Bradley’s shower seats are now rated at 500 and an industry leading 1,200 pounds

Using higher weight capacities for products throughout a facility ensures greater stability for all. It also makes specifiers’ and designers’ jobs easier. By specifying one product with a higher load capacity throughout an establishment’s restrooms, there’s no need for cherry picking which restrooms require higher load-rated products vs those that don’t. Here’s a case in which using the higher capacity product will fit all end-users no matter their size.

Contact Bradley Corp. and let us provide peace of mind for your restroom stability needs.

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